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Education is not the only but is the single most key factor to improve the economy of developing countries like Pakistan. If we wish to succeed economically we have to overhaul the education system and not just by speeches anymore but practically. We face significant challenges every day. We will meet them. To do so, we need to act precisely and decisively. This is our country – we need to keep building on the positives and discarding the negatives. Barrett Hodgson University is created with lots of passion and values with only one mission – To provide Quality education to our children.

I welcome the first stepping in undergraduate students and sincerely thank all the faculty members and students for choosing BHU. This university is devoted to meet beyond your aspirations but keeping ourselves committed by values of integrity and transparency, which I strongly believe in every project we do. This University is new, yet fully equipped to make you all walk through the carefully selected programs to become an important member of society. The experience goes beyond books and laboratories as we have built an aesthetically pleasant campus with energy building athletic facilities of international standards.

We live in an era where global forces are increasingly changing our lives and work therefore the big challenge for our country is that we desperately need more and more Universities of good quality with soul commitment. So that instead of parents bragging about their children studying abroad, they begin to feel proud to be part of our education system. I see many unprecedented opportunities—opportunities for our children to be leaders in business and industry and to serve our nation with optimism and pride.

This University is here to support, sustain, and encourage in return for your commitment to study at and become part of the BHU.

Best of luck and endless success to Barrett Hodgson University.

Dr. Iram Afaq