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Biomedical Engineering is one of the fastest evolving fields with new inventions changing healthcare outcomes across the world. At BHU we are focused on providing our students the cutting edge resources they need to become a part of this exciting evolution.

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The BE program provides students with opportunities for:

  • ‘Device based learning’ conducted by foreign qualified faculty
  • Two six-week summer internships
  • Project based learning to gain valuable practical insight into the field
  • A commercial focus to awaken the entrepreneurial spirit in our students
  • Broad-based curriculum which includes social science subjects for the holistic development of our students

At BHU you can choose from the following tracks to discover your calling:

  • Bioinstrumentation (designing devices for monitoring, diagnosis and therapeutic purposes in healthcare settings)
  • Biomechanics (apply principles of mechanics to biological systems to understand and overcome their limitations)
  • Biomaterials (discovering suitable tissues and materials to interact with biological systems for repair, growth and augmentation)
  • Physiological Modeling (understanding functions of living organisms and their systems using mathematical modeling and simulation)
  • Rehabilitation Engineering (exploring and developing techniques for assisting people with disabilities and for recovery after an injury)