Art and literature society at Barrett Hodgson University hosted launch of the Health & Happiness Day that will be celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm every Thursday. Yes we will pay gratitude every Thursday for being Healthy and Happy. This initiative has instilled the feeling of being healthy and Happy in the minds and bodies of our students, faculty and staff members who invest their days in their busy schedules.
With great fervor of Art and literature Society members and great support and determination by all other societies this event became the highlight of the day, hats off to Mr. Kumail and Ms. Areej for organizing the event and hosting it. We would also like to extend our gratitude to the Media Society as well who enthusiastically covered the entire event with photography.
Students, faculty and staff members contributed to put on a number of great performances, skits, poetry sessions, music and singing, speeches, which resulted in generating a lot of happiness and laughter. With an overwhelming response from our audience, we hope with the advent of this great initiative, we continue to improve everyone’s well-being. If we learn to live happily and be healthy, we can prosper and reach great heights in the foreseeable future.
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